Managing your medications has never been easier.

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​For patients and caregivers challenged with managing complicated medication regimens, Wise Packs is a much-needed medication packaging solution made possible by state-of-the-art pharmacy systems and packaging technologies. With Wise Packs both your prescription and over-the-counter oral-solid medications are organized by day and time of dose in clear, plastic pouches. Each pouch is labeled with patient name, day and time of dose, and drug information. With Wise-Packs you will always know what medication to take or give and when to take or give it.

Wise Packs and Medi-Wise Pharmacy services make life a whole lot easier… and healthier!

We combine our Wise Packs service with our R.U.N.-Sync service program to synchronize all medication refills to a single date so that your Wise Packs include all of your medications from one refill date to the next. We handle all of the needed prescription coordination with your physician(s) for you. And, when the day comes to pick up your Wise Packs, you always have the option of home delivery at absolutely no cost to you. Our combined and coordinated services add up to IMPORTANT BENEFITS:

  • You and/or your loved one gain worry-free peace of mind as confidence, control, and convenience replace uncertainty, confusion, and complexity.
  • Adherence to your medication regimen (Rx and OTC) is assured with Wise-Pack pouches that are pre-packaged by your Medi-Wise pharmacist.
  • You save time and energy as we work directly with your physician(s) to take care of your prescription authorizations and refills.
  • Even more time is saved with the grab-and-go convenience of Wise Packs—no more hassles with packing up multiple bottles or pill boxes; you just grab the number of packs you need and go.
  • Multiple delivery options (in-store or drive-thru pick up or free delivery to your doorstep) assure that you or your loved one will always have needed medication no matter what the situation is or how your day is going.